We want your experience with Learning Hub to be rewarding - and we're committed to answering your questions and resolving issues as quickly as possible. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about registration, forgotten password, contacts and more.

What is Learning Hub?
Learning Hub is our internet based, Learning Management system. It is designed to support a library of courses from a variety of top providers and as well as our own programs. The system is also used to manage all training records, regardless of how the training is delivered.

What's so special about Learning Hub?
• It’s easy to use:you don’t need to be tech savvy to use it
• You can access it anywhere you have access to the Internet – at work, at home or from your smart device
• You can access it any time, at your convenience
• With online training, do a little at a time, or a longer session - whatever suits your schedule. You can work at your own pace
• Register on a wide range of face to face or eLearning courses

How can I access Learning Hub?
Learning Hub is available 24/7 via an Internet connection. You can access it from Me @PN within The Junction or by accessing from any browser.

Getting Started
The first step is to have your details registered within Learning Hub. This is done automatically for all directly employed staff, whilst those staff who are not directly employed (like some contractors) are created by an administrator.

You will need a valid login ID and password to access Learning Hub.

If you are unsure about your login ID or password, please contact the Pacific National Service Desk (Pacific National employees) via the IT Hub via The Junction or by calling 1800 647 462 or the administrator who created your login details (non- Pacific National employees).

Forgotten Password
Please contact the Pacific National IT Hub via The Junction or by calling 1800 647 462 (employee) to reset your password or the administrator who created your login details (non-employee). More login details are available: here

How long does it take to activate my registration?
You will have immediate access to the system once your details have been created within Learning Hub.

How can I check my personal information?
You can check your personal information by accessing ‘My Account’ within Learning Hub.

You are not able to change any of these details by yourself.

If you have Personal Details that need to be corrected then please contact:

Employees – Your Manager or HR representative who will make these changes in the HR system on your behalf.

Staff not directly employed by Asciano – Please contact the regional Administrator who created your account. This will be the Security officer at the gate or a Training Administrator.

If you are having difficulties using Learning Hub please use the appropriate help contacts as listed below:


Employees                   Pacific National

                                                              Please use Learning Hub in the subject line

                                    Phone:              1800 647 462

Non employees            Security officer at the site or a Training Administrator